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Spring Holiday Camp 2022

Latest Course: Little Planting Scientist!

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In face of Coronavirus, we share the same concerns

Coding101 understands why parents are hesitating with online teaching. Hence, we prepared a series of measures in order to launch the most suitable courses for online teaching so that we can follow up on the learning progress of students effectively. All our online classes are made for effective online learning, with a real-time tutorial with experienced tutors, and a certificate of course completion issued as proof.

Spring Holiday Camp Special (Age 6+)
The highlight of Spring Holiday Camp - Little Planting Scientist!


Little Planting Scientist

For Curious Ones (Age 6 - 8)
Curiosity is as natural as breathing to young children aged 6-8 and are eager to create in a more sophisticated way. Our scratch 3.0 course focuses on teaching children the basic use of Scratch to write their simple but interactive multi-media such as stories, games, and animations.


Scratch 3.0

Level 1

For Exploring Ones (Age 7 - 10)
At the age of 7-10, children show an unending thirst for knowledge. They are natural explorers, scientists, and analysts. By joining basic programming, they will be able to consolidate their adventure and transform their bold ideas into complex products.


Minecraft Programming

Level 1 - 3


Roblox Programming

Level 1 - 3


App Building with Thunkable

Level 1 


Game Design with MakeCode Arcade    
Level 1


CoSpaces VR/AR

Level 1 

For Knowledgable Ones (Age 11 - 15) 
Children in this age group of 11-15 are more mature and knowledgeable. They typically think in concrete ways but are gradually beginning to grasp abstract and symbolic concepts. By providing advanced programming, they will be able to adapt their own knowledge to complicated situations, practice critical thought, and learn to analyse extensively.


Web Programming (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Level 1 - 3

python 2.PNG

 Python Programming 

Level 1

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