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Game Design with MakeCode Arcade

 (For 7 to 10 years old) 

Starting from a simple maze game, children will learn step by step on how to create a game of their own. In this course, they will learn the elements in game design, brainstorm and create game storyboards - and program the game into realization. With Kittenbot Meowbit (a Gameboy-like console), the game can be downloaded and carried around. 

Duration: 12 Hours (4 sessions)

Language: Bilingual in Cantonese and English

Pre-requisite: Some programming experience with block programming is an asset but not a must.

Tuition: $3500 + $410 (for hardware) 
Students per class: 3 - 8*

Level 1: Get To Know The Basics


Date: 4/7 - 7/7 (Mon - Thu)

Time: 10:00 - 13:00 (3 hour) @HKSP

Tuition: $3500 + $410 (hardware) 

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