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Summer Camp 2024

This Summer immerse yourself in the world of technology and creativity.

We can't wait to welcome every young innovator!

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For Exploring Ones (Age 6 - 13)
At this age of 7-10, children show an unending thirst for knowledge. They are natural explorers, scientists, and designers. By joining advanced hands-on activities, they will be able to consolidate their adventure and transform their bold ideas into complex products.


Minecraft Programming

Level 1 - 2

螢幕截圖 2024-04-30 上午10.08.06.png

Little Game Designer with MakeCode Arcade

For Knowledgable Ones (Age 11 - 15) 
Teenagers in this age group of 11-15 are more mature and knowledgeable. They typically think in concrete ways but are gradually beginning to grasp abstract and symbolic concepts. Through learning advanced programming, they will be able to adapt their own knowledge into complicated situations, practice critical thought, and learn to analyse extensively.


Web Programming (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)


python 2.PNG

 Python Programming 


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