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Computer Vision with Google AIY Vision Kit and Raspberry Pi

For 9 - 15 years old

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world.  By studying computer vision, we could get a glimpse of what artificial intelligence could do to our daily life and future.

In this course, the students will learn via Google AIY Vision Kit (which consists of Raspberry Pi zero, Pi Camera and vision bonnet) what computer vision is, and how to program the kit using Python to construct different artificial intelligence models. 

Duration: 12 Hours

Language: Bilingual in Cantonese and English

Pre-requisite: Basic understanding of programming is an asset.

Option 1:

Date: Aug 10 - 13 (Mon-Thu)
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm

Tuition: $3200

Duration: 12 Hours (4 sessions)
@Hong Kong Science Park

** Students has to carry Google AIY Vision Kit and starter electronic kits (they are available in our online shop)




What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a pocket-size mini-computer, which is easy enough for beginners to learn computer basics and sophisticated enough for experienced to create their own maker projects.  

What is

Google AIY Vision Kit?

Google AIY Vision Kit is a DIY kit by Google that allows students and makers build models that lets you build intelligent camera that can see and recognize objects using machine learning.


What is Python?

Python is a scripting language ideal as for beginners to learn text-based programming due to its readability.  It has also been voted as one of the most popular programming languages thanks to its wide use in Artificial Intelligence

What can Python with Google AIY Vision Kit and Raspberry Pi do?

A lot.  We could do a face tracking camera, a photo booth that detects faces and smiles etc, train the camera to recognize the objects that we want to track.  It is limited only by creativity.

Who should learn Python?

Students from the age of 9 and up, who want to learn text-based programming and electronics.  It is good if the students have some basic programming knowledge but not a must.


  • Introduction of Raspberry Pi

    • What is Raspberry Pi?  

    • Learn basic operations on Raspberry Pi

  • Introduction of Python

    • Basic language structures of Python

  • Introduction of GPIO in Raspberry Pi

    • What is General Purpose IO?

    • How to program with GPIO with Raspberry Pi

    • Program with basic electronics

  • Introduction of Google AIY Vision Kit

    • Assemble with Google AIY Vision Kit

    • Learn how to problem face detection and object recognitions

    • Create a dashboard to identify human, cat or dog.

    • Create a photo booth that auto takes photos

    • Train models to recognize different lego bricks


Students need to carry their own laptop (Mac or Windows), Google AIY Vision Kit and Starter Electronic Kit (including basic electronic components).


** Google AIY Vision Kit and Starter Electronic Kit can be purchased from our online shop - and will be delivered prior to the first class.

Why learn from Coding101?

Coding101 has been servicing STEM and technology classes to students at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels since 2014.  Our curriculum has been proven both educational and fun to our students.

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