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We have designed a hardware micro-controller board that simplifies Arduino interfaces to components, a block-based programming interface and a real-time data dashboard for students and makers to construct their DIY projects by easing the learning curve of hardware and coding. ObjectBlocks are at prototype stage and targeted to be released by 2017.


We have built a dashboard that can show the team statuses of competition in real-time. Originally designed for the competition in which the teams contested in separate premises, we have enriched the features to include real-time votes from audiences and final result computation. The dashboard and associated web-apps have already been used in a few competitions, and are available for event-based subscriptions. Please contact us for details.


We have rebuilt open-source Scratch 2.0 to make it capable of connecting everything to the Internet. Not only does s4iot consist of all Scratch 2.0 features, s4iot consists of programming blocks to connecting to Arduino boards, to sending to and receiving events from IFTTT and to sending data feed to ThingSpeak. A few school projects have already been successfully implemented using s4iot. Please visit for more details and software download.

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We have developed a number of App Inventor 2 extensions that help create apps which can send IFTTT requests, send real-time data feed to ThingSpeak or take a snapshot without user interaction.  Click here for more information and download.

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