STEM course

 Face-to-Face Teaching 

Children's healthiness and safety are always our first priority, and in the face of coronavirus, we will take the following actions to provide a safe and fun learning environment.

 Online Teaching 

Coding101 prepared a series of measures in order to launch the most suitable courses for online teaching so that we can follow up on the learning progress of students effectively.



for 6 years old or above

Scratch Lvl 1: Create Your Own Story & Animation
Scratch Lvl 2: Build Up Your 1st Game --- Monkey & Bananas Game
Scratch Lvl 3: Step Into Game Designer's World


for 7 years old or above

Game Design Lvl 1: Get To Know The Basics
Game Design Lvl 2: Debug Your Games As A Professional
Game Design Lvl 3: Turn Your Games Into Masterpieces



for 6 years old or above

Tinkercad Lvl 1: Master 3D Print Design Skills
Tinkercad Lvl 2: Craft Minecraft to Real-life
Tinkercad Lvl 3: Craft Your 3D Widgets

OnShape (LEVEL 1 & 2)

for 12 years old or above

OnShape Lvl 1: From 2D Sketch To 3D 
OnShape Lvl 2: Create With 3D Objects Design


micro:bit (LEVEL 1 - 3)

for 10 years old or above

Micro:bit: Start Learning To Code

Micro:bit: A Coder to The Musician  

Micro:bit: Mini Projects

HaloCode (LEVEL 1 & 2)

for 9 years old or above

HaloCode Lvl 1: Novice To Code
HaloCode Lvl 2: Test Your Calculation Capacity -- Timer



for 8 to 13 years old

This course is focused on developing mods for Minecraft. By using drag and drop graphical interface editing Java code, students will create simple modding or even mini games within Minecraft!


for 8 to 13 years old

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform. By using Drag-and-Drop graphical interface editing Lua code, students will create simple games using Roblox and share their work with their friends.


CoSpaces VR (LEVEL 1 & 2)

for 9 years old or above

CoSpaces VR Lvl 1: Start-Up MY Virtual City
CoSpaces VR Lvl 2:  Build & Code A Soccer Match



for 9 to 15 years old

Web Design Lvl 1: Build A Basic Website With HTML
Web Design Lvl 2: Learn More With CSS & JavaScript

Python (LEVEL 1 - 3)

for 12 years old or above

Introduction to Python: Basic login system
Practice in Python: From poker game to weather app
Advanced in Python: AI recognition program​​​​​​​

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