Game Design with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade (Level 2 )
For 7 - 10 years oldPrerequisite: Game Design with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade (Level 1)
Duration: 12 Hours (4 sessions)
Tuition:  $3500
Students per class: 5 - 8*
Date: 9/8 - 12/8 (Mon-Thu)
Time: 09:00 - 12:00
Venue: HKSP Meeting Room 06
* Number of students per class might be subject to change with the latest policies. 
** Students can purchase the Meowbit gaming console but it is not a must for the course.** Students can choose to purchase Kittenbot Meowbit in our online shop at a discounted price, and it will be delivered at the first class** Students need to come with their own laptop (Windows / Mac), with Chrome installed.** Mouse and charger are highly recommended during the lesson.** Prepare computer login information and administrator access for students before the first lesson.*** Please feel free to contact us for any questions :)

Game Design with MakeCode Arcade (Level 2)