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Coding101 is established by a group of IT and education professionals who aim at providing the best quality STEM and coding education to school children.

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Coding101 have been just elected RISE 2018 Featured Startup by RISE, one of the largest tech conference in Asia.


Accounting to Fast Company, the American business magazine, shows than Coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries nowadays. Apart from companies in the technology sector, there are an increasing number of businesses relying on computer code. That means Coding is becoming a trend in the future.


Learning Coding is a great training for children. More than 90% of the American parents want programming added to their child’s curriculum. There is some reason of why coding is so important to children:


Coding drives self-learning and train the problem solving skills

‘Try and Error’ is important concept of STEM. There are many problem and mistake happen during children write coding. The process of children finds the problem and solves it, is training the kids’ problem solving skills and driving them self-learning.


Coding builds confidence

Academic result seems to be an important index measuring children. Children who are not ideal on the academic result will feel inferiority easily. Coding can build their confidence by the sense of achievement of creating a works.


Kids learn through coding, and coding to learn

When kids really want to change their idea in to works, they will learn the things which is meaningful, motivating for them. Kids can understand the reason for learning and this is the best way to learn. Moreover, doing the works not only is learning coding, but also learning about the process of design. How to take complex idea and break them down into simpler parts? How to work with other people on your projects etc. This is useful in anytime, anywhere.


Coding101 always keep ameliorating the source for children to learn coding in an easy and fun way. For example, we have designed a Objectblocks which simplifies Arduino interfaces to components, for students and makers to construct their DIY projects by easing the learning curve of hardware and coding.



Technology Director

Educated as Computer Engineer
Experienced in Fortune 50
Guest Instructor in

Education University Hong Kong
BASc from UBC, MSc from CUHK, MBA from Tsinghua University


Assistant Business

Development Manager

Managed multiple education

sector accounts 
Proficient in Internet Marketing


Business Development Director

Over 15+ years of business development experiences in global and regional settings
Held directorship positions in MNC


Senior Technology Architect

Microsoft Certified Trainer Rich experience in mechanical and circuit design, control theory, human-machine interface design and firmware development.

Led teams to robotic competitions as RoboCupJunior and RoboCon BEng from CUHK


Technology Specialist

/ Instructor

Engineer with experience in software development
Experienced in designing and delivering technology courses
BEng from CUHK

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